“Much of my life had been devoted to trying not to cry in front of people who loved me, so I knew what Augustus was doing. You clench your teeth. You look up. You tell yourself that if they see you cry, it will hurt them, and you will be nothing but a Sadness in their lives, and you must not become a mere sadness, so you will not cry, and you say all of this to yourself while looking up at the ceiling, and then you swallow even though your throat does not want to close and you look at the person who loves you and smile.”



Can I just say that I am entirely too tired to fight for friendships anymore. If you’re busy in life and don’t reach out to me consider us not friends. If you talk shit behind my back don’t consider us friends. If you continuously play this little victim roll go ahead and give yourself the win. Because I’m giving up on everyone who gives up on me. You’re not worth my time, and I am obviously not worth yours.

Tootaloo mutherfuckers.